Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Just like every other technologically advanced form of communication that comes my way, I doubt I will be faithful to this, but here goes.

So I figured this would be a nice way for anyone who cares to involve themselves in my thoughts/ideas. I don't want to presume anything, like most blogs do. Here are the top things I don't want anyone reading this to think:
1. I am intelligent
2. I think I am intelligent
3. I am artsy
4. I drink only Starbucks coffee, while wearing hemp flip flops, and carrying around a book bag full of philosophy and theology books, while quoting Nietzsche, and dreaming of moving to Canada
6. I only write a blog when I am depressed and feel like the world sucks
5. I don't Care

Conversely, I like to talk, argue, and learn. So I hope when I have something to say, someone can come back with wisdom, critique, encouragement, advise...yadada.

I want to talk in this blog about everything. The first topic I will throw out there is Sandra.

Sandra is my wife. We met at a Ben Fold's concert in Kansas City. Our courtship leading up to our marriage wasn't typical, but it worked. I couldn't live without Sandra. When I feel down, doubt myself, feel like a failure, she is there to lift me up. When I am full of myself and my opinions, she is there to bring me back down to earth. She has taught me how to grow up. I have a lot left to learn, but as long as she is next to me, I will be all right. Sandra takes care of our three kids, soon to be four. She levels me out...I would be way too strict if she had not taught me that kids need to have room for error, and sometimes their error is punishment enough. But, at times she'll call on me to do what she has trouble with--being stern. Sandra isn't perfect--nobody is--but she is perfect for me.

Thanks for Sandra, God!