Sunday, November 23, 2008

Here I Am

It's been a minute!

Things have changed a lot around here for the better. I attribute much of this to the prayers of a lot of folks who read this blog.

I am employed at a wealth management office now, here in Toledo, OH. It's quite different from all that I had scholastically prepared myself for. I hold a MA in Theology and now work in finance. It's all good though. I love my new job. I do a good deal of administrative work, research work (up my alley--research on historical Christian understanding of wealth, work and the state, and am working towards a securities license.

My wife, who since we've been married has been a vocational mother, now works at a local woman's homeless shelter. She's doing an awesome job...she pretty much bleeds empathy. It's a bit difficult doing this while confined to one vehicle, but it's working so far.

I'd like to get back into writing on this beast, but I do so hesitantly; that is, the balance between objectivity and tactful subjectivity is difficult to achieve in a non-anonymous blog. I feel awkward at times when I write, knowing that folks with polarized opinions on whatever subject is at hand are reading and possibly being offended. Nonetheless, I'll try to hit this thing at least once a week.

Anyway, thanks all for the encouragement over the past couple of months (your recent comment was uplifting, Peter!)