Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Barack Obama

The worship of political figures is nothing new. The pharaoh of Egypt was basically considered the son of Ra. Roman imerial cult elevated the Emporer to a state of divinity. Haille Sellasse is elevated (but not quite worshipped) as the Messsiah--Jesus reincarnate--in Rastafarianism.

I can't help but notice striking similarities in factions and essence of the Obama campaign. The key difference being Obama worship isn't truly believed to be divine (as far as I know, and believe me, I looked around), it is more of a secular messiahship. I don't need to recreate what it is already out there, if only for mere bemusement, or to see shining examples of Obama Worship, check out Obamamessiah. After spending about ten minutes on the site, I myself was nearly converted.

Now, Obamaites, please do not be offended. I am not saying that Obama believes he is the second coming. But, Obama certainly does use and encourage the use of spiritual phraseology and terminolgy in his campaign. I would not be surprised if someday a small peace loving community of ganja smokers sit around shrines of Obama; if he makes it to office, that is.

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WES ELLIS said...

interesting post. It's good of you to point out the similarities in our language and ancient language, when it comes to political figures. Definitely something the church must look out for.