Monday, September 24, 2007

Ivan's Book Club

Tonight I read the first six chapters of Tony Campolo's, Letters to a Young Evangelical as part of book club I was recently invited into. After six chapters of Dr. Philesque "I understand" language, I have decided, while there are nuggets of worthwhile truths to be gleaned from the pages, I am not a big fan.

Campolo is as wishy washy as his existential, pragmatic, modernistic leanings. In his 'epistle' entitled Why We Witness (beautiful alliteration!) he begins with a critical review of public evangelical composure when faced with the dilemma of the exclusive claims of Christianity--the impetus for evangelization.

As the chapter closes, Campolo himself falls prey to the snare of modernity and leaves the reader in a cloud of ambiguity, like those whom he criticised at the start of the chapter. Is he a universalist or isn't he? He is sold out on the impetus, so I am guessing he isn't but perhaps at times he himself is just as confused.

All that to say, I have never joined a book club. I am interested to listen to everyone elses thoughts on Tuesday. Have you read the book? What are your thoughts?

Here is the real point of this post (I know, I am terrrible communicator--either that or I love the sound of my own voice, thus you had to read through all that to get to this): I would like to start a book club in the form of the blog. Each week those who wish to participate would read designated chapters. Participants would take turns writing their thoughts in form of a post (emailed to me), and the rest could respond in the form of comments.

Are you interested??? Leave a comment or email me through link on my profile page!


Ken said...

I guess it would depend on how "heady" the book is. I'm certainly no scholar or learned person. Put it in plain english please. I'm lazy!

I used to subscribe to Ravi Zacharias' podcast, but unsubscribed and stopped listening because I simply don't have the time to stop everything and listen to every point three times to "get" it.

I've been encouraged to read "Blue Like Jazz", but haven't done it because 1) It's money I don't feel like spending and 2) I probably wouldn't read it anyway. It's a discipline problem and I always find something more FUN to do!

Plus I wouldn't really bring much to a discussion with all you intelligent blogger types.

Did you have a book in mind?


Five Year Slumber said...

I would like to do that. But it would have to be a book that includes werewolves and aliens. Any ideas???

Rob said...

Maybe this one?

Are We Rome?: The Fall of an Empire and the Fate of America

Amanda Rickman said...

i'm in...and a book idea...i'd have to process...are we going a certain type of book or will it be or the chooser to choose?!