Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Church Without Walls...or a roof, or plumbing, or HVAC, or pews, or...

While the brainiacs behind the "emerging church" movement are quick to point out flaws, whether perceived or actual, in the Christian religious system, they are quick to supply an amalgam of solutions. Some good, some bad, some so intentionally outlandish, they are an embarrassment to pop culture.

I don't know what to think or say regarding Californian trend setter Cornerstone Church (Simi Valley, CA) and their Tierra Rejada Building Project. Details are available in the links provided. This progressive Megachurch (yes, it's nestled not only in wikkipedia, but in many recently published dictionaries) scrapped plans for a $60 million building project and traded them in for a landscaping project which will accommodate the church's booming attendance.

Before a fun game of Pro vs. Con, I must voice an observation. From Luther on, historical Christianity has been systematically stripped of many elements, both physical and doctrinal. Luther took some stuff out of the Catholic Church. Luther's followers took stuff from Luther. Hymns?...Gone! Crosses?...See ya (Hybels)! Moral Absolutes?...Antiquated! What more can be taken out once the church building is removed...the actual meeting itself?

Cheaper/more revenue, earmarked to social aid
Fresh air services
Nice design
Easier to stealthily escape the doldrums of a boring sermon
Eco friendly

Foul weather
Bird poop
Disturb the morning peace of atheist neighbors
Allergen susceptible parishioners
Could get old

What Pros did I miss? What cons did I miss? What do you think?


Ken said...

Do they EVER have bad weather in Southern CA?

Hope they have an indoor alternative.

Amanda Rickman said...

Bravo to the megachurch who's feeding the hungry and accommodating the wealthy (sarcasm, I know).
Their number one reason for doing ampitheatre rather than building was "We love the poor..." Wondering if that might make a "poor" person feel a bit of the us and them mentality. Could they pat themselves on the back any better? WE LOVE THE POOR...hooray for us.

raymond said...

the thing about having church outside is that is it GREAT!

...for one week.

Nate Watson said...

All great thoughts.
@ken...I don't know if they always have fantastic weather in SOCAL...I love Toledo too much to go find out.

@Amanda...I never thought of that! You are right..."feeding the hungry and accommodating the wealthy" ouch! I will have to use that one.

@Raymond...yes, I think that sums up human nature to a "t"...I guess that is why we all buy so many things!

Anonymous said...

i wrote about this same thing.