Monday, October 8, 2007

Fisher Price Smart Cycle, a Dumb Idea

Are you kidding me?

No wonder it costs 100 is endorsed by Richard Simmons. Fisher Price's plastic marvel is the latest attempt to make lots and lots of money...errr, I mean curb the childhood obesity epidemic in America.

I am having a difficult time swallowing the reality that our nation's toddlers need to be put on an exercise regimen. I guess it only stands to reason that lethargy and unhealthy eating habits should accompany a nation's appetite for affluence and diminishing standards. Even harder to swallow is the solution: a plastic stationary exercycle connected to America's god, the TV.

My son has something similar. It has two wheels, pedals, sprockets, a chain, and it connects to the concrete sidewalk. Sure it doesn't teach him his ABC's, but Sandra blows the boob tube out of the water when it comes to that.


Ken said...

I agree....forget this plastic camode and get out of the HOUSE! Get on a REAL bike!

Of course if we weren't eating so much processed sewage (pretty much ALL fast food, pre-packaged meals like Hamburger Helper, white bread, sugary cereals) we wouldn't be talking about adult-onset diabetes in CHILDREN!

A quick hit of the drive-thru, or pre-packaged meal once in a while won't kill anybody, but some people do it every DAY! I used to be one and it WAS killing me.

Thanks FDA! You're swell!

The B.

RC said...

yea, this is hillarious, and certainly doesn't look fun.

yea for real bikes!