Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Sr. Anne of Nunblog has tagged me. I have never done one of these "random memes" as, Sr. Anne puts it, but it seems simple: I write down 8 interesting facts about myself (and I think I will choose 8 things not many friends of mine would readily assume) and then I choose 8 fellow bloggers to do the same. Why the term meme? I am GUESSING that a meme in the blogosphere is to show the similarities that exist between people. The tag should show a hyperlink trail (theoreitcaly) to the original tagger. A "meme" by the way, is a cultural trait that is reinforced (in an evolutionary sense) in a society by means of repetition, like, for example any aspect of fashion.

Anyway, I tag Sandra, Rob, Amanda, Nick, RC, Dave, Kenni B (get your blog up), and Angel (get your blog up). Without further ado:

1. I hold a deep disdain for TV but watch too much of it.
2. It takes me about 3 years to finish a book because I start reading many other books in the process.
3. The older I get, the more I like foods that used to make me vomit as a child...i.e. olives, squash, and mushrooms. Still waiting to see what happens with sweet potatoes, pork chops, and beets...yuck.
4. My wife thinks I am a horrible driver, but I think I am incredible...although it took me three attempts to pass my lisencing test. I feel the DMV officers were too rigid and unclear in their instructions to me.
5. I am a LOT LESS outgoing than I may seem. I need alone time to recharge my batteries on a near daily basis.
6. I love recording my own music with my guitar, synthesizer, and computer...but out of 50+ nice starts, I think I have only finished two songs in five years.
7. Sleep feels nice, but I usually dread going to sleep every night--not because I suffer from nightmares, but I would rather stay awake and just rest.
8. I love Jesus, the Bible, exegesis, theology, biblical languages, but sometimes (often) I have to drag myself to churchon Sunday.

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