Wednesday, February 20, 2008

God Judges Those Who Oppose Nuclear Energy

Is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei--Iran's Supreme Leader--deluded? Is his passion for God and his passion for country so overwhelmingly intertwined that he actually believes that God's fiery fist of judgment is raised and ready to crush any opponent of Iran's controversial nuclear program? Or is it just an example of a tyrant using religion to scare subjects into obedience.

As reported by the Associated Press, Khamanei said, "The Iranian people openly announce that they will defend their rights... God will reprimand them if they do not do so," this in reference to the program.

Whether or not Iran should be allowed this capacity is not for me to decide, nor the point of this blog (although I must point out Iran insists, as per evidence suggests, that they have no intentions of using nuclear fuel for weaponry). The point is this: Theocracy can be a clever disguise for the bloated ego of tyrrany.

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