Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Tribute to Our Friend

Passing from this life to the next in anonymity is an unsettling thing to me.

This morning Sandra called me at work and said our neighbor, Sally Lester, had passed away on Monday, alone in her bathroom. Her sister, Peggy, who lived next door discovered the tragic scene and called Sandra to tell her the news. Neither Sally, nor Peggy have any living family, and only a handful of friends.

So, I am posting this brief article so that perhaps Sally will have more than Peggy, Sandra and I, and the one family besides us mourn her passing, and hopefully a few of you will keep Peggy in prayer. Sally was a wonderful person. She encouraged Sandra and I as parents. She always praised the rehab work we were doing on our house. She loved our kids like they were the grandchildren she never had. To get to know her more (and I hope you do), visit these two posts written by Sandra.

The Beginning


Tam said...

My heart sank reading this. I'm so glad you posted this in memory of her. She obviously had an impact on many lives. I hope we all can do the same...

nate said...

Thanks Tam, I hope so too!