Monday, June 16, 2008

Alan Rabinowitz on the Colbert Report

Jon Stewart lost my attention a long time ago. While his humor never left me in stitches, it did capture my attention for a while when I would come home late after a long night of waiting tables back in college. But then the jokes became to predictable, as did his opinion, and I pretty much wrote of political comedy.

Recently, however, I have become quite a fan of the genre via Stephen Colbert and his witty report. His less-slapstick-avant-garde style coupled with his interesting choice of guests is enough to keep me coming back. Last week (June 10) Colbert hosted Zoologist Alan Rabinowitz, who recently published Life in the Valley of Death: The Fight to Save Tigers in a Land of Guns, Gold, and Greed. The book (which I have not yet read) apparently chronicles Rabinowitz's efforts in the Hukaung Valley of Myanmar, as he works to save tigers from extinction.

Under normal circumstances, you would have to pay me to read a book like this; however, I am considering paying to see the pages of this work. Don't get me wrong...I care for the earth and all of God's creatures, I don't litter, I would rather have a hybrid than a Hummer--I believe eco-conscientiousness is a divine mandate; but anyone who reads this blog knows I have never been seen lobbying the front steps of the Whitehouse for bigger cages at the zoo.

Rabinowitz's humility won me over. His motivation for spending his life defending a predatory creature is far from some trendy impulse or response to social guilt--it is sincere, it is natural. I lieu of the fact that Rabinowitz is afflicted with a speech disorder, appearing on what could be a high stress talk show is quite courageous and speaks volumes for his commitment.

Enjoy the clip below!


Anonymous said...

Very cool video. My son would love a book like this; he's a fan of other meat-eaters.

Thanks for the tip!


nate said...

Thanks Brian,
I am a meat eater, so I hope he would be a fan of me!

Anonymous said...

Supreme Post…Tanks 4 sharing!