Sunday, June 8, 2008

Me, Angelina Jolie, and Darwin Fish

The Ivan household has been busy beyond belief as they are in the midst of a consuming and stressful transition. Prayers would be coveted! In times like these I become apathetic when it comes to this blog. To top things off, in the midst of such unpredictable times, we are taking the first steps at starting our own business, and I am working on launching a new blog, which may serve as the platform for a natural and harmonious segue into this endeavor.

Nonetheless, I would hate to have post a blog with no interesting content, so I leave you with these two gems:

The first is comes from the fantastic land of Hollywood, or Hollyweird, as my Hebrew teacher often called it. Angelina Jolie's approach to religion is quite chic; pragmatic, baseless, and comfortable. Read more here.

The second also hails from California, but is quite the antithesis of Jolie's outlook on matters concerning spirituality. Darwin Fish's approach to religion is subjectively abstruse and in my opinion, a reaction to some sort of criticism that he received at some point in his life. Apparently, Fish believes that all of mankind, besides himself, is doomed to hell. Read more here. (Thanks for introducing me to Mr. Fish, James).


Anonymous said...

Blessings on your big changes. Keep me posted . . .

Rob said...

praying for you....hopefully a new blog from me soon, battling the apathy myself.