Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Political Moment with a Pharisee

"Love work; hate domination; and seek not undue intimacy with the government."

So said Shemayah, from the Talmudic book, Avot-Ethics of the Father. This ancient Pharisee might as well have been my political counselor. Maybe a Ron Paul supporter?

I wonder what Jesus Christ thought of these words?


Anonymous said...

Words, everywhere I go lately, the importance of words....this will so help with a blog I'm working on. Thanks for stopping by today, I was so touched by your story...

Blessings to you!!

WES ELLIS said...

I hope Jesus likes those words, cause I sure do. Great quote... that is going up on my wall!

nate said...

@godsgal--thanks for stopping by...I'm glad this post can be a resource for you!

@wes--Glad you liked the quote. Most likely, Jesus knew these words, and I would bet he took them to heart!

@ngie said...

Hello Nate. Thank you fr your visit to my blog. I appreciate you participating in the conversation over there.

I am not familiar with the author you quote, though I do recognize the name. I would venture to say that all moments with Pharisees are political ones; not the original intention I am sure but sadly the result of much focus on regulations.