Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wars and Rumors of War

As I glanced through the headlines that popped up in my world news feed, I had to grimace. While I understand that unfortunately "good news does not sell," it is saddening that, besides the tribute to Mahmoud Darwish, every top story focused on some war somewhere in the world.

What gives?


darla said...

Getting closer everyday to the end..wars and rumors off wars..thought the same thing myself..

HAHAHA I have often thought about a new channel that just gives good news..surely people are doing good things, but to get on television it needs to be bad...I don't get it!

darla said...

Nate- are you MIA? wondering if you all are okay? Is there anything I can pray specifically for you and yours? love ya bro, and really wanting to read your take on John 5. :)