Monday, September 1, 2008

Russia Threatens Poland With a Nuclear Strike

I am shocked and disturbed when I consider what Americans focus their energies on in regards to what may be considered "news worthy." Sure, it is natural to be self centered. It is important to follow the pedantic and baseless speeches made by our presidential nominees. It is important to watch their ridiculous pep rallies conventions. It is important to keep tabs on Miley Cyrus gas prices.

If anyone has followed this blog for a while, they will know I have been wary at times of things going on over in Easter Europe. The fact that Iran and Russia (two nations led by outspokenly anti-American megalomaniacs) are becoming increasingly "buddy-buddy." You could have cut the tension between Bush and Putin at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics with a knife!

So I could not have been more alarmed when I read about the US's latest endeavor: Setting up a defensive missile base on Polish territory. The conservative Polish (one of two nations being stinkers about the European Union), easily obliged the wishes of the US. Upon hearing the news of this new base close to their soil, General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, the Russian armed forces' deputy chief of staff stated:

“Poland, by deploying [the system] is exposing itself to a strike - 100 per cent,” he was quoted as saying, before explaining that Russian military doctrine sanctioned the use of nuclear weapons “against the allies of countries having nuclear weapons if they in some way help them.”

Yeah...who threatens another country action anymore!?!? And we all thought the cold war was over...


WES ELLIS said...

I'm with you man. It's really sad what the Media believes is important to Americans. Eastern Europe makes me nervous... Bush and McCain act like they can push Russia around... doesn't sound smart or safe.

nate said...

I hear ya makes me nervous too. And Biden isn't much better. I picked up on his "America as world watchdog" mentality at the Dem. Nat. Convention. When it comes to Russia, his foreign policy is hardly any different than McCain: