Wednesday, January 23, 2008


My original intent for tonight's post was to critique a current catch phrase floating around in the circles which surround my line of work, and indeed, circles of which I am a part of...but...I decided to post that tommorrow or Friday. Events of the day, and reading a fellow blogger's post has inspired me otherwise.

So instead, I am going to introduce my family to the blog world--or at least the 2 or 3 that actually read this journal of sorts. I am so proud of them...certainly God's greatest gift to me outside of salvation, and besides, as I read a blog I often wonder what the writers and their families look like. Enjoy!

Sandra and I

Aylah (3)

Malachi (5, 4 when photo taken) and Ezekiel (6 months, 1 month when photo taken

Gabs (1) and Ezekiel (6 months, 1 month at time photo was taken)


Kenni B said...

You're a blessed man Nate. But you already knew that.

cheezewhiz said...