Friday, January 11, 2008

Japanese and US Relations

US/Russian relations may be under stress right now, but not so with Japan. Just 64 years ago the island nation was one of the biggest threats to the US, now we are on our way to becoming allies.

Japan is set to amp up its assistance to the US lead anti-terror invasion in the middle east. You can find a different take on the story here, in the Turkish Press.

It seems that after the launch of the industrial revolution, the human race engage its warp drive; that is, everything happens so much faster: Fast food, faster cars, lightning fast mail get the picture. Apparently, reconciliation can be factored into that equation.

History shows us that in the past, the wounds from the bombings between Japan and the US (Pearl Harbor; Hiroshima & Nagasaki) would have taken more than a bit over half a century to heal. I wonder what's in is for Japan? Security from China? From Russia?

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