Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Keeping it Weird

Occasionally I read something on a blog that is worth repeating, so keep reading for repetition.

I work for a non-profit Christian youth organization behind the scenes fundraising, planning, and keeping us legal. I have very little interaction with teens, which is good, because last time I spoke to a group of teens I realized I wasn't funny, didn't look to cool, and all my jokes brought waves and waves of laughter; errr, I mean awkward silence.

But I do enjoy spending time with teens in smaller, more relaxed settings like I did on Monday at a local High School. We sat in the room and planned for this spring semester. The conversation turned to how "weird" these kids felt being Christians in a largely non-Christian setting. I could relate! The kids said while they know their ultimate goal is to spread hope in Christ to their peers, they love meeting together on Mondays because they felt less alone...less weird.

I feel their pain! Our society is ever ostracizing Christianity. Sometimes, I understand why. From the mythologization of Christianity on the History Channel to Ned Flanders, the Media is telling Christianity is weird and marginal.

Monday night I read this great article (from the KC Star) by blogger Bill Tammeus. Please read it! I don't think Bill is saying more people are Christians than we think so Christianity must be right...I just think he is saying to the teens of Whitmer YFC, you are not alone...in fact, you are less alone than pop culture would have you believe (he has some numbers to back up his encouragement).

What it really comes down to for these kids (and myself) is their love for Christ. Peter Walker has some good thoughts on the simplicity of this subject. Their love for Christ with the support that comes from time spent with other believers results in a vibrant growing faith.

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