Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Media, Murdoch, and poor Ron Paul

Who are you voting for? Don't tell me (rhetorical)!

But please be advised, your vote is and will be shaped by the media. So who is in charge of the country? You? Me? The Populous? Rupert Murdoch?

I'll go with Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch has a personal vendetta against Republican candidate Ron Paul. Even though Ron Paul was polling higher than other Republican candidates, Murdoch barred Paul from participating in the FOX (the syndicate he and his money control) News Republican Forum. In fact, Murdoch applied a filter to his email account to bar and bounce back to the sender any email with "Ron Paul" in the subject from reaching his inbox, to keep from hearing the protests of Paul supporters. But it should not surprise us that Murdoch, a war monger, who makes truckloads of cash when America is embroiled in conflict, opposes the Republican who wants to end the conflict in the Middle East. Read this to see how Murdoch has wielded his monetary power in the past to manipulate political climates.

Murdoch is not the only figure in the media to unfairly rig the polls. Think about it...who is front and center at every Republican debate? Gulianni, Huckabee, Romney, and McCain. Can you even name any of the other candidates? And what about the Democratic candidates? Obama, Clinton, and Edwards are in the middle of the stage at every debate. On both sides of the partisan divide, the candidates that the media deems unworthy have to stand on the edges of the stage, being given only one or two questions, each trivial and non-defining in nature.

I may be late in posting this, but I doubt any New Hampshire residents read this blog, so at least my warning might sink in to the few bloggers who follow My Friend Ivan before they influence the already rigged Primary system in their respective states.

My advice: Go to each candidates web site and figure out for yourself what stands on their platform, because you will not be able to make an informed decision based on the advice from the American god in your living room. I'm no conspiracy theorists...this is just too obvious.


2Pete said...

What about the racist tirades from the Ron Paul Newsletter, back in the 90s? Wasn't he a little evasive on CNN?

Nate Watson said...

hmmm....good question. I have thus far only read the remarks as reported second hand...I would love to get my hands on the original papers.
And Yes, he was evasive on CNN...but he was also quite evasive Glenn Beck today...personality traits. I personally, have been trying to avoid the ad hominen attacks this campaign.
BUT...the point of this blog post was not to promote Ron Paul; rather, to reiterate what has been stated in previous blogs regarding media manipulation of poltical situations and the American people. Check my blog Media Matters for the gist.
Thanks for the comments, please keep them coming--Iron sharpens iron, ehhh...at least it humbles!!! Let me know if any of your work gets published. Last article of yours I read was in Relevant magazine last year.

Nate Watson said...

Oh yeah, I do support Ron Paul at this point, but based solely on his foreign policy, economic platform, and on constitutional stance on federal vs. state balance of power.

2Pete said...

Cool man, I feel you. I support Obama, but I can't get behind all of his politics. I just appreciate his appeals to hope and goodness. But it's a gamble.

I'm working on a book submission with NavPress right now. They're a fairly small outfit (in spite of their broad reach) so it's taking a looong time. Going on 12 weeks or so, but they like it, so I'm trying to be patient. Thanks for the encouragement!

Addison said...

poor Ron Paul?....try the Republican candidate with the most cash on hand! I couldn't agree with you more on the media issue. I could add hours and hours of websites and videos to add to your blog though... but, because we have families and semi small circles of influence (compared to the main stream media and rupert), I'll just agree with ya. :) i am now subscribed and ill comment often.

ps. have you seen "outfoxed" on google video? its about an hour and a half movie about how "fair and balanced" fox is.

pps "iraq for sale" is an eye opening video about the goings on in the war... also found on google video. take care.

Nate Watson said...

Thanks for the comment...I will check out the resources. I haven't watched any documentaries on media manipulation...closest thing I've seen was, "the merchants of cool." You can watch it on PBS's website if you haven't seen it already.
Yeah, Ron Paul raking in the dough...not as much as Romney, Obama, or Clinton, but pretty amazing for such a seemingly non viable candidate!